Meet Our Team of Experienced Instructors

Nick Janowitz

Nick Janowitz Instructor

Nick "The Patriot" Janowitz started wrestling and boxing at 11years old. After winning over 100 varsity matches in high school, he joined the US Navy and was a member of the ALL NAVY Wrestling team.     In 2007 Nick turned Professional as a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter.  In 2010 Nick decided to retire from competition and focus on coaching by opening Patriot Boxing & Fitness.  He has coached thousands of athletes ranging from grade school to professional and is currently the strength coach for several local schools and sports clubs.

4-0 Professional MMA Record

All Navy Wrestling Team Member

Sopac Wrestling Team Member

3rd Place AAU Nationals Greco Roman

4th Place AAU Nationals Freestyle

7th Place Sunkist International

4th Place NYAC International

Head Coach IC Wrestling

Strength and Conditioning Coach Chicago Steel Hockey


Otto Clark

Otto Clark Instructor

Otto is a well rounded martial artist with over 20 year’s experience.  He began his training in Kyokushin Karate at 15 and obtained a black belt 5 years later. Looking to broaden his martial arts knowledge he began Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the tutelage of Carlson Gracie where he received his Black Belt in 2011. Always looking to broaden his experience, Otto also began boxing, whereby he succeeded in winning the Chicago Golden Gloves. A dedicated and hard-working professional, Otto brings with him an invigorating passion for the martial arts . He continues to learn, teach and compete. 

Alisyn Stratton

Alisyn Stratton Instructor

Alisyn is a National Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise instructor.  She is a TRX instructor and Personal Trainer at Patriot.  She has been studying Boxing/Kickboxing under Nick Janowitz for 5yrs.  She has a strong passion for fitness which brings a breath of fresh air to the Patriot team.  Alisyn specializes in several areas including weight loss and pregnancy fitness. 

Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller Instructor

Jeremy Miller has been around the martial arts world since he was just 4 years old, starting with Tae Kwon Do.  He received his first black belt when he was 11 and got his second degree blackbelt when he was 14.  Looking to broaden his horizons, Jeremy started training under Nick Janowitz in 8th Grade.  He since become a 3 year varsity wrestler, NAGA Champion, 2-0 in Boxing, 3-0 in Muay Thai and 2-0 in MMA.

Manny Vazquez

Manny Vazquez Instructor

Manny started Wrestling when he was 14 years old.  After winning and medaling in multiple tournaments throughout his high school career he moved on and competed nationally at the collegiate level. He started training for mixed martial arts at the age of 16 and currently holds a record of 5-0 Amatuer and 3-0 Professional record in MMA competition. He is a multiple time Jiu Jitsu Champion in several weight classes.


  • 2013 USBJJ Grappling Champion
  • 2011 NAGA Expert level Grappling Champion
  • Praetorian MMA Bantamweight Champion.